Business of Tax Compliance

Business of Tax Compliance

– scheduling, oversight of production, review, delivery of completed tax returns, review of work in process and generation of invoices and production analysis is the responsibility of our Managers and Directors, with oversight by Managing Directors. We have adopted fixed-fee billing arrangements for substantially all of our compliance work – bookkeeping, accounting, tax and regulatory compliance. 

We analyze our use of resources – software, payroll and out of pocket costs in both qualitative and quantitative dimensions as part of our process improvement efforts. We have strict procedures that are designed to prevent Associates from usurping the collection of real-time data and the analysis of data which is a responsibility of Managers and Directors. Associates report all of their time, they don’t “adjust realization” by working off the clock”.

  • Every professional employee [including Managing Directors] is required to submit a timely report by 10 AM the following day, the sole acceptable exception being death or grave illness, PERIOD. Failure to meet the requirement has severe consequences – miss the 10 AM deadline three times in a quarter result in the loss of ability to use direct deposit for a year. We have not had anyone “earn” the penalty in close to three years.


  • If you don’t like the policy, you are welcome to seek employment elsewhere...our people understand the direct relationship between timely submission of time reports, generation of invoices, everyone must focus on the collection of A/R, and the paycheck they receive twice a month. I am a CPA, not magician…if you don’t aggressively engage, you harm the process and we all suffer. We have very close to zero problems with the process, and less than 5% of our A/R is beyond 45 days. 
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  • We have a firm credit card, the monthly bill is sent to and the legal responsibility or the individual to whom the card is issued. Everyone is required to submit proper documentation for expense reimbursement within one billing cycle, . Any item lacking proper documentation is rejected and becomes a personal expense. We allow one resubmit within 5 business days of notification. We don’t have “Oh I forgot to turn these expenses in amnesty days”. 

Our practice is comprised of exceptionally skilled, motivated, tenacious and AGGRESSIVE human beings on an inclusive basis which includes race, age, gender in the flavor of your choice [however any discussion thereof should be moderated by good judgment, religious orientation, LBGTQ welcome, and the statement contained in every Engagement Letter we write applies internally, and it is worth repeating.

Our personnel is expected to treat their colleagues, agents, suppliers, and clients with respect and we expect the same in return. Providing a safe, healthy, and productive work environment is a priority. We will support efforts to eliminate any actions or circumstances that undermine such an environment. Unlawful discrimination, verbal or physical harassment or abuse, or offensive behavior (whether or not sexually related) by personnel, agents, or clients of aBIZinaBOX will not be tolerated and can be cause for the termination of any such relationship.