Nose In The Book Framework

The core principle of “The Nose In The Book” is that managing a CPA firm is like raising a puppy.

Providing structure with clearly defined boundaries, known consequences for failure to adhere the structure [the “Fear“], consistent application and enforcement of consequences that are onerous enough to cause anguish and hurt [the “Pain“] and reward for both following the program and the demonstration of excellence, poise and fitness in daily participation. As an image, you won’t forget, anyone that takes a dump on the floor in the office is seeking employment.

Repeat the following on a daily basis – our Managing Directors are expected to be inspirational role models that have a personal stake in the success and profitability of their careers, the firm, and every single one of or our employees. The firm pays for comprehensive health insurance at the Gold Plan Level for immediate families, period. Managing Directors are your bosses and professional colleagues, whether they are your social friends is not our concern.

We do NOT drug test, have any reason to be concerned with an activity that you engage in within the confines of your bedroom or bathroom, use of tobacco, cannabis or alcohol because our experience teaches us that we rely on your personal and professional judgment to ensure that all of the above has a positive impact on your health and happiness and those that you care about.

We respect the Second Amendment on the same basis we apply to other Constitutional rights. You are welcome to concealed carry a firearm within the office subject to the following:

  • Zero tolerance adherence with respect to firearm safety rules, compliance with all legal requirements, affirmation of your maintenance, practice with and storage of firearms. Concealed means concealed within the office, loading, and unloading is done solely within the station which we provided for that purpose. Managing Directors may revoke firearm privileges at any time, for any reason that warrants it, in their judgment, the basis for which is non-contestable, and can be arbitrary and capricious. We will rely upon your good judgment, don’t fuck it up. If you have an irrational fear of firearms you should probably seek employment elsewhere.

Our people are the most important asset we have. If you are struggling with an issue, we are committed to going to extraordinary levels to support you for professional, personal, financial or health-related issues If you choose to demonstrate bad judgment, we have a process to deal with it, and ultimately it comes down to is an action worth putting everything at risk.