Our People Matter

Our People
  • Our goals in hiring, retention, and promotion is to maintain rigorous quality standards in our professionals that match or EXCEED:
    • Big 4 Firms in the markets where we have a presence – New York, Chicago, and San Francisco
    • Analyst Programs at top-tier Wall Street investment banks
    • Sand Hill Road Venture Capital Firms and
    • First Tier Management Consulting Firms – Mckinsey, Bain, BCG
    • Our compensation is targeted to meet or exceed such firms on the average, not eight and nine digit exceptions.
    • We require seal transcripts as part of academic integrity.

We no longer seek to employ –

Dummies or Bots

Great Apes or Monkeys

Piece Workers or Clown Accounting Experts

Enrolled Agents Lacking 30 Hours of Accounting and Bachelor’s Degree

Liars, Thieves or Anyone Named Trump

Cletus Smelly’s Blood Relatives Less 7 Degrees Removed

Anyone that isn’t capable of original thought, requires constant coddling, is emotionally needy to a degree that it interferes with their job, doesn’t understand what zero tolerance for racists, bigots, emotionally brittle, small-minded mental midgets, or doesn’t understand the commitment we make to put the needs and success of our clients above everything else…which means accepting our sixty hours average workweek for Associates,=,

The expectation that the needs of our clients may require each of us to miss holidays, family commitments, and social events…our focus is on a long-term outcome, everyone’s good judgment, our willingness to be flexible with respect to raising children, care for parents, involvement in our communities and responsibilities to each other. Where you choose to work is based on good judgment subject to our ability to contact policy and Managing Director’s judgment on the needs of the practice.

We are committed to being flexible, subject to, being provided with advance notice, good judgment, respect for confidentiality, zero tolerance for fake news, lying, failure to meet applicable professional standards, ethics and CPE requirements, and the assumption that we have mindreading abilities.