Perturbed By Clarity, Directness Informed Opinion

Perturbed By Clarity, Directness Informed Opinion

Perturbed By Clarity, Directness Informed Opinion sometimes we learn the lesson of being too smart and too forthright…the consequence is often worse than the “noseinthebook”…especially if you deal with Hunter Wilson. The result can be

Our good friend, Sean Hocking summarizes his take on the situation as:

Before we get on to the article, a little background.

Jordan Zoot has been providing feedback on a number of complicated accountancy and regulation issues, with regard to California, on the Growers Network forum.

This week he was given his marching orders with some classic west coast passive aggressive language and semantics. The long and short of it is, “we respect your opinion.. but we don’t really want it…. if you still want to contribute we will moderate you so as not to upset anyone”

Storm in a teacup: well, maybe?

But it all digs into a deeper well and begs the question, how much advice out there can be considered concrete?

It’s hard enough in the regulated CA cannabis market with the sands of regulation constantly shifting and we’d suggest now is the time to be as clear as a bell otherwise further down the line some people are going to suffer in the courts because of misplaced and even bad advice.

And.. we can be pretty sure it’ll be the client, not the “advisor” who’ll be out of pocket at the end of the day.

I understand that you will not appreciate the entire content of this letter but, you approached the issue in a manner that clearly demonstrated a lack of understanding of the issues and the information that we deal in.  Had your initial response been less of. a blindsiding I might have had more patience.

However, when you attempt to shove an ultimatum in my face, it precludes the possibility of ending well.

You can read the entire post here.