NoseintheBook Galleries

NoseintheBook Galleries

NoseintheBook Galleries – is a digital shrine when we recognize extraordinary stupidity, clear and clear and convincing evidence of severe, uncorrectable mental defect. The minimum standard for enshrinement in the Galleries is being finally adjudicated as either

(i) an emotionally brittle, small-minded mental midget;

(ii) a cretin with an IQ of more than 45 or;

(iii) anyone the believes that Donald Trump has made a positive contribution to mankind that has greater value than the evil wrought by the combination of the Ebola virus, the cumulative impact of global warming, and ISIS.

The NoseintheBook Galleries are:

Xero Ambassador Partner Chaos

Xero’s Partner Program

Xero Partners – WizKids

Enrolled Agents – America’s Tax Experts, A Cruel Hoax

Extraordinary Ability – Professional Accountancy Creation of Practice Risk and the Defective Kitchen Sync

aBIZinaBOX Team Members Worthy of Ignorant Moron [“Igamo”] Status Where We Heap Scorn on ourselves for self-inflicted wounds.

Cletus Smelly and the Cretins at

Stoners – Misfits – Cartoon Characters – Exceptional Stupidity as the minimum level of “dumber than a stump”


NoseintheBook Galleries